Group of users - configuration window

The window serves for setting the parameters of one group of application users (e.g. $ADMIN, $OPER, etc.).
It is opened from the "PmaRoot > Users" tab.
IdentifierUnique identifier of the group of users This configurator must not contain an empty string.
DescriptionDescription of the group of users. It allows the application designer to enter a note or more detailed description of selected user group.
PriorityUser group priority. Entered as a number in the range 10 - 100.
ParametersAdditional group of users parameters in KeyVal syntax. The value depends on specific settings of configurators on the "Users" tab. For example if the Windows authentication is enabled then it is possible to enter the name of corresponding Windows group.
wagroup:xx; - Name of corresponding Windows group of users has an added prefix "GG." if it belongs to global group of users. It has a "LG." prefix if it belongs to local group of users.
For example in the group of users $ADMIN there will be "wagroup:GG.GPmAdmin;" (means Windows global group of users GPmAdmin). If the Windows user is a member of such Windows group of users then the created logged-in user will be a member of $ADMIN group.
- The PROMOTIC user is assigned to a group of users in the "Belongs to groups" configurator of the user (local and/or net).
- Windows user is assigned to group of users based on corresponding Windows group of users in the "Parameters" configurator.

Pm9.00.16: New "Priority" configurator
- New "Description" configurator.
- New "Parameters" configurator.
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