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Socket client group - configuration window

The window serves for setting the parameters of the socket client group for communication in the network by Sockets.
This configuration window can be opened in the "Sockets" configuration window.
NameName of the client group
Server Network addressServer Network address to which the socket client will be connected. The address can be entered by both IP address (e.g. or by computer name (e.g. server11). If the client wants to be connected to the server that runs on the same (local) computer, then it is advisable to enter the universal local host address:
Macro expression can be used for input (it is evaluated after the application is launched).
Timeout [ms]Time (in milliseconds) that the client is waiting for the response (for receive). If the data are not accepted in this time span, then the transmission will be declared as faulty.
Transfer typeSelection from the following options (for details see Data transfer in the network over Sockets):
Transmission according to server - At first the client finds out parameters of the group (port and protocol type) on the server by the system message and then it uses these parameters for the data transfer of this socket group.
Unlimited data length (TCP) - The client will communicate by the TCP protocol, the data can be of any size. The group must be set up on the server the same way.
Limited data length (UDP) - The client will communicate by the UDP protocol, the data size should be less than 480 bytes. The group must be set up on the server the same way.
Limited data length (UDP) without Promotic header - The client will communicate by the UDP protocol and the PROMOTIC will not add anything into the user data. The data size should be less than 150 bytes. It is used for communication with the server that is not a PROMOTIC application.
Port numberPort number entered by a designer or set automatically by the server. If it is entered by a designer, then it must be the same as the port number of the corresponding server group.
Port according to server
User assigned port
Target server groupName of the server group with which this client group will communicate
See also:
- The "Socket server group" configuration window
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