Editor of Pmg objects

Allows editing of individual Pmg objects.

It is opened in the graphics editor:
- by pressing the E key
- by left mouse button double-clicking on the requested Pmg object
- by selecting (Edit the PmgRoot object) in the toolbar


- Restores the window of Pmg objects editor to original size and position 1
- Restores the window of Pmg objects editor to original size and position 2
- Panel refresh
- Opens PROMOTIC documentation.
- Saves the PmaPanel object in the active tab. The function of this button is identical to the function of the button (Save object) in the toolbar of the development environment.

- Changed background color of the in the tree of Pmg objects for better distinction between the Pmg objects editor and the Pma objects editor.
- Added the option to remember the position and size of Pmg objects editor window and invoking it by the buttons and .
Pm9.00.10: Adding Drag&Drop functionality in the tree of Pmg objects.
Selected Pmg object can be easily grabbed by mouse and dragged in order to move/copy it in front or behind another Pmg object.
Pm8.02.00: The design of configuration window for Pmg objects editing has been modified. The windows now contain tabs used for editing groups of properties. The editing of Pmg objects is now simpler and more effective because additional sub-windows are no longer used.
PROMOTIC 9.0.25 SCADA system documentation MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.

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