Menu of the Pmg object

The menu of the Pmg object is displayed after pressing the right mouse button over the selected object in the editor of Pmg objects.

Menu items:
- New Pmg object... (Ins): Inserts new Pmg object into selected object.
- New prototype... (Ins): Inserts new PmgPrototype object into the prototype list. This menu option is visible only if the #Prototypes item is selected in the tree of Pmg objects.

- Cut (Ctrl+X): Moves selected Pmg object into the Windows clipboard.
- Copy (Ctrl+C): Copies selected Pmg object into the Windows clipboard.
- Paste (Ctrl+V): Inserts object from the Windows clipboard into selected object.
- Rename (F2): Renames selected object.
- Remove (Del): Removes selected object and all its subobjects.
- Remove subobjects: Removes all subobjects of selected object.
- Copy into new PmgPrototype object ...: Opens the "Copy into new PmgPrototype object" configuration window for setting the copying parameters of the PmgBox object into new PmgPrototype object.
- Convert to PmgBox object: Converts the PmgInstance object to PmgBox object.

- Disable in the runtime mode: Disables usage of selected object in the runtime mode.
- Enable in the runtime mode: Enables usage of selected object in the runtime mode.
- Move in memory order: Moves selected object in memory order to selected position.
- Move up: Moves selected object one position up in the memory.
- Move down: Moves selected object one position down in the memory.

- Text editing of the object ...: Opens the "Text editing of the object" configuration window where the content of the object can be viewed and edited in the text form.
- Export object...: Opens configuration window for export of selected object.
- Import into the object...: Opens window for file selection for import into selected object.

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