Menu of Pmg objects

The menu of Pmg objects is displayed after pressing the right mouse button over the selected object in the editor of Pmg objects.

Menu items:
- New Pmg object... (Ins): Inserts new Pmg object into selected object.
- New prototype... (Ins): Inserts new PmgPrototype object into the prototype list. This menu option is visible only if the #Prototypes item is selected in the tree of Pmg objects.

- Cut (Ctrl+X): Moves selected Pmg object into the Windows clipboard.
- Copy (Ctrl+C): Copies selected Pmg object into the Windows clipboard.
- Paste (Ctrl+V): Inserts object from the Windows clipboard into selected object.
- Rename (F2): Renames selected object.
- Remove (Del): Removes selected object and all its subobjects.
- Remove subobjects: Removes all subobjects of selected object.
- Copy into new PmgPrototype object ...: Opens the "Copy into new PmgPrototype object" configuration window for setting the copying parameters of the PmgBox object into new PmgPrototype object.
- Convert to PmgBox object: Converts the PmgInstance object to PmgBox object.

- Disable in the runtime mode: Disables usage of selected object in the runtime mode.
- Enable in the runtime mode: Enables usage of selected object in the runtime mode.
- Move in memory order: Moves selected object in memory order to selected position.
- Move up: Moves selected object one position up in the memory.
- Move down: Moves selected object one position down in the memory.

- Text editing of the object ...: Opens the "Text editing of the object" configuration window where the content of the object can be viewed and edited in the text form.
- Export object...: Opens configuration window for export of selected object.
- Import into object...: Opens window for file selection for import into selected object.

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