Menu of the graphics editor

Menu of the graphics editor is opened by clicking the mouse the icon (Menu of the graphics editor) in the toolbar of the graphics editor.

Menu items:
- List and selection of panels ... (Ctrl+O): Opens window with the list of existing graphic panels of the application. The selected panel can be opened from this list. See List and selection of panels.
- Show objects order: The order index will be displayed above each Pmg object in the development environment.
- Update the panel in runtime: Updates the corresponding panel in running PROMOTIC runtime environment. After saving the panel in the development environment it is possible to apply the changes without restarting the runtime environment, by updating the panel in the runtime environment.

Pm9.00.15: New option in menu Update the panel in runtime - allows panel update without the need to restart the runtime environment.
Pm9.00.00: Created
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