Color selection - configuration window

The color palettes window serves to select colors in the PROMOTIC system (in the graphics editor in Pmg object color configurators).
The color is represented by a string #rrggbb, see RGB String, working with colors.

The color palettes window may consist of three color setting options:
1) Selection of the desired color from the preset color palette in the section PROMOTIC colors. If the transparency of the Pmg object is supported, then the transparent color can be selected (the button with the cross), resulting in the transparent color of the selected Pmg object.
2) Selection from the full OS Windows color palette, in the Windows system colors section.
3) Selection from preset colors in User defined colors. Here it can be set up to 14 user defined colors. these colors are used in the graphics editor as favourite colors that can be easily select and used by the designer. The colors are saved in the PRA file of the application, so different group of user defined colors can be set for each application.
PROMOTIC colorsPredefined colors of the PROMOTIC system
Windows system colorsManual or visual editing of color
Color compounds (Red,Green,Blue)Editing color by R,G,B (red, green, blue) compound value entry
RR (red) color compound
GG (green) color compound
BB (blue) color compound
User defined colorsCreating and saving of user defined color
Define user colorOpens window for color setup
PreviewVisual and text (RGB String) information about the selected color.
Transparency (Alpha)Setting the transparency value (Alpha channel). Entered as number in the range from 0 to 1, where 0 means transparent and 1 means opaque.
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