Basic control of the graphics editor

The following tables contain the list of all accessible actions that can be performed in the graphics editor:
Action for active Pmg object: Mouse Key Menu
Select left-click, left-click+Ctrl Space, Space+Ctrl, Tab, Shift+Tab, arrows  
Unselect left-click on empty area, left-click+Ctrl Space, Space+Ctrl  
Edit object left-mouse doubleclick E Edit active Pmg object
     - position   L Active Pmg object / Edit: Position
     - events   C Active Pmg object / Edit: Events
     - variables of the object   V Active Pmg object / Edit: Variables
     - parameters of the object   P Active Pmg object / Edit: Pmg object parameters
Delete object   Del Active Pmg object / Remove
Hide object (only temporary invisibility) *   H Active Pmg object / Hide (only temporary invisibility)
Disable object (even for runtime) *   D
Copy object left-down+Ctrl+mouse dragging Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V Active Pmg object / Create copy of object
Change object order in memory   O (letter O) Active Pmg object / Change memory order
Move object (change position) left-down+mouse dragging ** M -> arrows -> Enter **  
Increase/decrease object (change size) left-down+mouse dragging ** R -> (Tab ->) arrows -> Enter **,  
* - visibility or enabling for runtime is proceeded by the table Other actions at the end of this page
** - move (increase, decrease) by the mouse proceeds by the grid if the grid is switched on
Space - is the space bar on the keyboard
arrows - mean the keys <-, ->, ... on the keyboard
Action for selected Pmg objects: Mouse Key Menu
Select more Pmg objects left-down+mark area by dragging+left-up    
Select all Pmg objects   Ctrl+A  
Move all selected Pmg objects left-down+mouse dragging ** M -> arrows -> Enter **  
Copy all selected Pmg objects left-down+Ctrl+mouse dragging Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V  
Delete all selected Pmg objects   Del Selected Pmg objects / Remove all selected objects
Change position left-down+mouse dragging ** M -> arrows -> Enter **  
Proportional increase area of all selected Pmg objects left-down+mouse dragging ** R -> (Tab ->) arrows -> Enter **,  
Copy by Clipboard:
     - Copy   Ctrl+C  
     - Cut   Ctrl+X  
     - Paste   Ctrl+V  
** - move (increase, decrease) by the mouse proceeds by the grid if the grid is switched on
Others actions: Mouse Key Menu
Create new Pmg object left-mouse doubleclick on empty area N
Create new compound object by inserting selected into active   T Selected Pmg objects / Insert selected objects into the active object
Visualize of hidden objects     Show hidden objects
Enable of disabled objects     Enable all disabled objects in the runtime mode
Refresh panel   F8  
Compound objects editing on/off   G / F toolbar: (Edit compound objects enabled)
Text search in Pmg objects   Ctrl+F Find text
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