Content - tab of the PmaObject object

The tab serves for displaying and editing the content of Pma objects and subobjects in the XML format.
Filters for displaying the content:
SubobjectsFilter that enables/disables displaying subobjects of the object (the whole branch)
ScriptsFilter that enables/disables displaying scripts
PropertiesFilter that enables/disables displaying properties (values)
DefaultFilter that enables/disables displaying data that equals to the default value of the data
Full XMLFilter that enables/disables displaying full XML form from the import/export or only the content of the <Content> tag
The content of objects can also be edited. After saving changes on the "Content" tab, the contents of the other tabs will be read automatically to include potential changes caused on the "Content" tab.

And on the contrary, after saving changes of the other pages, the content of the "Content" tab will be read again to include potential changes caused by the other tabs.

On the attempt to save the content that includes an error in the XML notation, no value in the object is changed and writing fails as a whole.

In the <List> tag it is possible to rename, delete or insert new items. It goes first of all about lists of items that are created by the user himself. For example, see the tabs PmaData.Data, PmaTrendGroup.Data, etc.

The content of objects in the XML format is closely connected with the import / export of the PROMOTIC system. For the description of the XML structure, see General description of the PROMOTIC XML file for Import/Export.
The window appointed to viewing and editing the content of objects in the XML format, equals to the window for editing scripts. So it has the same options and the same handling, see: Basic control of script editor.
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