Parameters for type: Remote connection via the Web - configuration window

This type of saving is suitable first of all for a remote alarm group (client), (see the "Remote group (client)" configurator), when the alarm group represents a placeholder in the application that is connected to the alarm group offering its data (server) via the Web by the HTTP/XML protocol. The window serves for setting the parameters for connection to the alarm group of the server. Both the alarm state viewer and the alarm history viewer is functional. The acknowledgement of alarms in the state viewer is enabled only if the "Acknowledge" permission is fullfiled.
The PmaAlarmGroup object (server) offers its data for sharing via the Web by the PmaWeb or PmaWebFolder objects. The sharing configuration itself is set on the "Web server" tab.
Group URL addressURL address of the Web component (server) of an alarm group (see the "Web component identifier" configurator). URL address is terminated by the identifier of the Web component, the concrete HTML page is not stated, for example, http://localhost/algroup1. Macro expression can be used for input (it is evaluated after starting the application).
Logon nameThe login name (and the password) is sent as a part of each request to the server. The corresponding network user is found on the server and it is checked if he has the permission for the requested operation.
Passwordsee Logon name.
Refresh period [s]Specifies how often the current alarm states is automatically refreshed from server.

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