Object PmfEnum

This object represents one form item of the type: "Selection of one of multiple items (Combobox)"
Properties and methods of this object:
AddRow Add new row into the menu
DeleteRow Delete menu content
Value Form item value
Properties and methods that are common to all PmfObject type objects:
BodyHeightIni Initial body height
BodyHeightMode Changing body height
BodyWidthIni Initial body width
BodyWidthMode Changing body width
Type Item type
Id Item identifier
Title Displayed item name
TitlePos Position of displayed item name
- The object can be created by the method PmForm.CreateItem("enum", ..).
- This object is functional also for Web panels. It is not functional in InternetExplorer8 and lower.
The PmfEnum object is used for selection of a single item from multiple options. The selection procedure: clicking the configurator expands multiple rows (ComboBox) with displayed text (sName parameter).
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