Collection - Deatiled object description

See: Object Collection

In the PROMOTIC system the PROMOTIC objects can be collections themselves or they can include a property that represents a collection.

For example, the PmData object is the collection of variables defined on the Data page of this object.

Each object that forms a collection, has got, except its own properties and methods, properties and methods of the collection, by which it is possible to deal with individual items of the collection or to determine their number, etc.

' The PmData object has defined the variable Temperature on the Data page. In the following script the value of this variable will be increased by 10.:
oData.Item("Temperature") = oData.Item("Temperature") + 10
The PmData object has defined three variables with the following names first, second, third on the Data page. In the following script the value of all these variables will be increased by 10.
Dim i
For i=0 To oData.Count
  oData.Item(i) = oData.Item(i) + 10
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- Collection - Deatiled object description
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