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The graphic item can be inserted into the panel from the "Graphic items preconfigurations" window.
#vars identifier:

In the PmiItem object, the #vars identifier can be used to access the variables defined on the Variables page. This identifier can be used:

- in methods used for acessing graphic items - for example the Items method ("/text1/#vars/aaa") returns the "aaa" variable from the graphic item "text1".
- in GP data binding, where you can also find detailed description and examples for #vars.
Buttons on the right side of the configuration window of each item:
OKConfirm the configuration of the edited graphic item.
CancelCancel the last configuration of the edited graphic item.
HelpOpen this page of the documentation
Multiple copyAggregate copying of selected property to other graphic items.
- If the option Copy to selected items is used the property is copied into all marked items. This optio does not allow copying into immersed items, because these cannot be selected.
- If the option Copy item selection by mouse on workspace is used then the property is copied into all items that are clicked by mouse. This option sets the editor into the "Batch copy" mode and the mouse can be clicked on other (also immersed) items. The "Batch copy" mode is deactivated after clicking into the configuration window.
Save panelButton for saving the current panel.
RefreshRefresh the last configuration of the edited graphic item.
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