Subitems - page of item PmiItem

It is used for creating compound items.
The definition inserted items is used for the creating the compound items. It can be opened as Subitems page in the configuration window or by pressing "I" key over the current item.

Other items cannot be inserted into the following graphic items (therefore these items do not have the Subitems page): PmiPipe, PmiLine, PmiLine3D, PmiAx, PmiInstance, PmiWFrame, PmiWEdit, PmiWCombo, PmiWCheck, PmiWAnimate.

In each graphic item that has the "Subitems" page it is possible to define all graphic items provided by the item palette.

The advantage of compound items is, for example, the possibility to change the position and size of multiple items together. You can save the compound item among the preconfigurations, see How to save item among preconfigured items.
Configuration items:
AddAdding new item at the end of the list. If an item in the list is marked before, then the following option appears after pressing the button:
Similar to marked item - the same graphic item as the marked item is inserted.
New item - inserts selected graphic item from the "Graphic items preconfigurations" window.
DeleteDelete the marked item from the list
EditEdit the marked inserted item
Disable/EnableDisable or enable the graphic item
UpMove the marked item up by one position in the order of all inserted items
DownMove the marked item down by one position in the order of all inserted items
Move to workspaceMove the marked item to the workspace - the inserted item becomes the separate item
Buttons on the right side of the configuration window of each item:
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