Object CanvasCtx (Canvas Context object)

The object enables drawing area for the drawing event onDraw through pEvent.GetCtx(state) method.
Description see PmiCanvas.
Properties and methods:
addColorStop Color and position in the gradient object
arc Creates complete or partial circle
arcTo Creates an arc between two tangents
beginPath Sets the beginning of the drawing path
bezierCurveTo Creates a cubic Bézier curve
clearRect Clears the specified rectangular area
clip Clip the drawn shape
closePath Connects the first and last drawing
createLinearGradient Linear color gradient
createRadialGradient Radial color gradient
fill Fills the current drawing path
fillRect Draws a "filled" rectangle
fillStyle Fill color
fillText Draws filled text
font Font properties
lineCap Line ending style
lineJoin The corner style of two touching lines
lineTo Line to defined point
lineWidth Line width
measureText Returns an object that contains the width of the specified text
miterLimit Maximum length of slant of two touching lines
moveTo Sets the starting position for drawing
quadraticCurveTo Creates a quadratic Bézier curve
rect Creates a rectangle
restore Returns the previous state that was saved by the save() method
rotate Rotates the drawing
save Saves the current state of the drawing (context)
scale The size ration of the drawing
setTransform Resets the current transform matrix to another
stroke Strokes the edge of the object (path)
strokeRect Hollow rectangle (no fill)
strokeStyle Line colors
strokeText Strokes the text outline
textAlign Horizontal alignment of the text
textBaseline Vertical alignment of the text
transform Replaces the current transformation matrix with another
translate Shifts the (0,0) position
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