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Common properties of two-state button. There are also additional configurators on the page State0 and State1
Configuration items:
Multiline textIf checked, then the text uses the line breaks. In this case the New line is entered by the key combination of Ctrl+Enter.
Change gradient direction when pressedIf checked, then the gradient direction is changed when the button is pressed. The Gradient configurator must be checked in this case.
Change gradient direction in the state 1If checked, then the gradient direction changes in the state 1. The Gradient configurator must be checked in this case.
Button remains in the state 1
Button stateSpecifies the initial state of the button (possible values are 0 and 1).

This configurator sets the initial value of the property State.

If it is written to this property and if this property is linked to the data binding PP, AP, SP, OP or GP, then the value is transferred also into the source of this binding.

Buttons on the right side of the configuration window of each item:
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