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ActiveX graphic items and Web panels:

The PmiAx graphic item can also be used in panel designed for Web, see: Web panels. However ActiveX objects are supported only in the InternetExplorer browser. Based on the increasing security measures implemented to modern browsers it is becoming more difficult to run such objects in the browser. Therefore the following logic is used for Web functionality:

- For panels that have the configurator Scripting language settings set to "javascript":

In this case the ActiveX items PmTable and TrendsView are being emulated. It means that the client is not running the ActiveX code, but dynamic HTML page created while during panel compilation. These two ActiveX objects are then functional even in browsers that do not support the ActiveX technology (Chrome, Firefox ..). Other ActiveX items are not working in such panels.

For InternetExplorer 8 and older the ActiveX is not emulated (these browsers do not observe the HTML standards) and the ActiveX items are runned the same way as for "vbscript (obsolete)".

- For panels that have the configurator Scripting language settings set to "vbscript (obsolete)":

This is a solution only for InternetExplorer. ActiveX objects must be installed on the client computer and enabled for InternetExplorer (see: Configuration of the MS Internet Explorer).

For the PmTable and TrendsView PROMOTIC ActiveX objects, there is an installation package prepared that does everything as needed (see: "Download the Web client support" at If these objects are not installed on the client, then the InternetExplorer tries to download these objects directly from PROMOTIC application server, but this procedure is not recommended because it requires to modify the access rights temporarily and the whole process is quite complicated on new versions of the InternetExplorer.

External graphic ActiveX objects can also be used for Web panels with the same restrictions as for PROMOTIC ActiveX objects. Separate installation of the external ActiveX objects is necessary on the client.

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