ConnectionServer - property of object tvTrend

Address of the trends server (PROMOTIC application) to which the displayed trend is connected.
ConnectionServer As Variant
oTrend.ConnectionServer = "local" 'on local connection
oTrend.ConnectionServer = "http://computer/trend" 'on remote connection to the server of another application
Property access for read and write. The preset value of this property is defined in the "Data source connection > Server > Address" configurator of this object.
When writing into this property, it is then necessary to call the method Connect with argument nType=0.
If the property ConnectionType=1 (local connection), then the string "local" has to be set into the property.
If the property ConnectionType=2 (connection to the server of another application), then it is necessary to set the following text: "http://computer/trend, where the computer is usually the name of the remote computer (for the intranet), the trend is the name of the trends Web component in the application on the computer computer.
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