LabelBorderFormatType - property of object tvScale

Format type of the scale edge legends (e.g. at the time scale it is the value at the left edge and the value at the right edge). For setting the format of the edge legends it is necessary to set the LabelBorderFormatType and LabelBorderFormat property. Initial value at the value scale is 1 (entered by the number of decimal places), at the time scale it is 10 (entered by the string format).
LabelBorderFormatType As Long
oScale.LabelBorderFormatType = n
0 - LabelFormat or tvTrend.LabelBorderFormat means the number of valid digit from the difference tvTrend.ValueMax and tvTrend.ValueMin. Automatic mode, legend is displayed so that is it shown with the sufficient precise according to the scale range (ValueMax - ValueMin).
1 - the LabelBorderFormat sets the number of decimal places.
10 - the LabelBorderFormat sets the format formula.
Property access for read and write. The preset value of this property is defined in the "Label border format type" configurator of this object.
See the example in the description of LabelBorderFormat property
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