AlignValue - property of object tvScale

Align value of left/low edge of scale.
AlignValue As Variant
oScale.AlignValue = n
Property access for read and write. The preset value of this property is defined in the "Align value" configurator of this object.

The meaning of this value depends on setting the AlignType property. For the alignment of the scale main ticks see the tvTicks.AlignValue property.

Caution! The scale alignment is not functional on the Web and also limited in local application. It is not recommended to use these (obsolete). These are kept only for compatibility reasons.

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var oTView = pMe.Acx;
var oScaleTime = oTView.ScaleTime;
var oScaleValue = oTView.ScaleValue;

oScaleTime.AlignType = 10;  //alignment to the distance multiple of the main tick.
oScaleTime.AlignValue = 1.0;  //left edge of the time scale is always aligned to the scale main tick

oScaleValue.AlignType = 1;  //alignment to the multiple of the absolute value
oScaleValue.AlignValue = 10;  //low edge of the value scale is always aligned to the multiple of the value 10
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