Dim - method of object PmTable

Initial table configuration.
Dim(Cols As Long, Rows As Long, FixedCols As Long, FixedRows As Long, CellWidth As Integer, CellHeight As Integer, Interaction As Long, Grid As Boolean) As Long
n = oTable.Dim(Cols, Rows, FixedCols, FixedRows, CellWidth, CellHeight, Interaction, Grid)
Cols(Long) The number of columns. See also: Cols
Rows(Long) The number of rows. See also: Rows
FixedCols(Long) The number of fixed columns. See also: FixedCols
FixedRows(Long) The number of fixed rows. See also: FixedRows
CellWidth(Integer) Width of every cell. See also: StartWidth
CellHeight(Integer) Height of every cell. See also: StartHeight
Interaction(Long) Control type of the table by a user. See also: Interaction
Grid(Boolean) Cell grid. See also: Grid

The method can also be called in the graphic item events for Web panels.

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