Common object description

The PROMOTIC system is an object oriented system, it means that it fully takes the advantages of using objects.

The object is a data structure with which help it is possible to do various operations (e.g. reading, writing, starting algorithms, saving value, etc.).

Each object has its own specific functionality, e.g. the PmTimer object (Timer) serves for regular repeating the algorithm defined by a designer. To utilize the object functionality, the object has to be inserted in the application.

The object usually has properties, methods and events that can also be inherited from its parent objects.
- Object properties are data that the object contains and that the object works with. Object properties include, for example, panel title, indication of active state, value (numeric or text) or data type of a variable.

For example the PmTimer object has the Period property that is used for reading or setting the timer ticking period.

- Object methods are functions that are performed within the bounds of the object. Methods include, for example, saving valued to disk, printing panel on a printer, etc. Object properties and methods can be arbitrarily used in algorithms from which they are also accessed.

For example the PmTimer object has the Emulate method that can be used for emulating the timer tick.

- The object events are used for reporting that "something has happened" to the object.

For example the PmTimer object has the onTick event that announces the "tick" of the object. An algorithm can be enterd into each object event.

- Object inheritance specifies bindings to other (parent) objects. If the object is inherited from another object, then it means that it owns its properties, methods and events

For example the PmTimer object is inherited from the PmObject object, that has the properties, methods and events that are shared by all PROMOTIC objects.

In the PROMOTIC system there exist objects of the following types::

PROMOTIC objects, Graphic items, Graphic ActiveX objects, Global Pm object.

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