Preconfiguration "Two-way valve"

Creates a compound graphic item configured as two-way valve without analog.
After connecting the variables of this graphic item by the PP binding to the configured variables of the PmData object, the real status of such device is indicated.
The Status and Mode variables are used for such purpose. The value of the Mode variable defines the working mode of the device and is preset as follows:
1 = automated regulation mode
2 = manual regulation mode
3 = manually ON
4 = manually OFF
5 = disabled (for pump)
Any other value causes error signal.

The Status variable represents the device status and the default (preconfigured) meaning of individual bits of this variable is apparent based on the information present at the beginning of the Draw page script of the PmiCanvas item.

All these variables in the graphic item are read-only.

The devId parameter is used as item (device) identifier.

The mode change control is executed via the onMenuFill and onMenuSelect events. It is supposed in the event that the panel method DeviceCmd exists with paramaters devId and mode that commands the control system based on operator request to change the device mode.

There is an example script present in the event that emulates the reaction of the control system.
These configurators can be set before the preconfiguration is created:
Device identifierTechnical name (identifier) of the device
Emulation of control system commandEmulation of control system command for device status change
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