Preconfiguration "Simple table"

Creates the graphic item PmiCanvas configured as a simple table with fixed number of rows and columns.
This preconfiguration can be activated when creating a new graphic item and is included in the group: " / Table".
This graphic item contains embedded PmiCanvas item named Dynamic. The content is filled in by the variable named values. The value of this variable is enterd by the method GetData of this graphic item. (The data in this method is emulated for testing purposes.)
In the parent graphic item PmiCanvas there are variables
- Titles - table column names (names separated by semicolon)
- ColsWidth - the widths of columns (widths separated by semicolons)
- RowsHeight - row height (value common for all rows)
- Rows - total number of rows (including the header)
Additional configuration variables are located at the beginning of context itself, or at the beginning of the user method. The following items can be set: Additional configuration variables of the parent graphic item are located at the beginning of the context itself.
- nBorder - width of table grid
- sTabBgColor - background color of table data area
- sTabBorderColor - table grid color
- sTabTitleColor - table header text color
- sTabTitleBgColor - background color of column header
These configurators can be set before the preconfiguration is created:
Table column names (separated by ;) (va0;val1;val2;va3;val4;val5; ...)
Table column widths (separated by ;) (140;100;100;100;100;100; ...)
Number of table rowsThe number of table rows including the header row.
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