Preconfiguration "Button two-state rounded"

Creates graphic item configured as two-state button.
The created item PmiCanvas has variables title0, title1, mode, push and state. Variables title0 and title0 are used for text displayed on the button in state 0 or 1. Variables mode and push define its design. The state variable defines the current state 0 or 1.
The events onKeyPress and onMousePress are solving the conditions that are defined for triggering the user methods onPressUp of the graphic item.
The user method onPressUp on the Methods page of the graphic item is used to define the action thet will be connected with switching the button between states 0 or 1.
There are variables that affect the button and text color, text size and margins in the script on the Draw page.
These configurators can be set before the preconfiguration is created:
Button text in state 0Text written into variable.
Button text in state 1Text written into variable.
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