Preconfiguration "Button"

Creates graphic item configured as button.
The created item PmiCanvas has following variables:
title - text displayed in button
mode - defines the look of the button if focused or cursor hovering over
push - defines the look of the button if pressed
The events onKeyPress and onMousePress solve the conditions that are defined for calling the user method onPressUp or onPressDown of the graphic item.
User methods onPressUp or onPressDown on the Methods page of the graphic item are used to define action that will be connected with pressing and releasing the button. But the button configured as Menu (selected from button menu) has the item selection and user actions configured in the events onMenuFill and onMenuSelect.
There are variables that affect the button and text color, text size and margins in the script on the Draw page.
These configurators can be set before the preconfiguration is created:
Button textText written into variable title.
Simple example - Releasing the button
Simple example - Pressed and released button
Simple example - Selected from button menu
Open panel - in main frame (target:main)
Open panel - in this frame (target:_self)
Open panel - in independent window (target:_blank)
Open modal panel (target:_blank;modal:1;)
Open form window (PmForm)
Path to panel
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