Data binding UP - Binding to the logged user property

The value of the data binding UP is a value of the selected property of the User object.
Data binding configurators:
Property of logged-in userUser object property used to create the data binding. It is possible to select it from a menu in this configurator.

Macro expression can be used for input (it is evaluated while the window is opening).

This data binding is also functional for Web panels. The values of this data binding are evaluated via the Web server communication (with PROMOTIC application). The Web client (i.e. Web browser) communicates with the Web server on a regular basis with the defined tiime period - see the configurator "PmPanel > Web server > Refresh period of HTML pages [s]".
For application local panel this binding will refer to the property of currently logged local user (see also property Pm.LoggedUser).
For the Web panel the binding will refer to the property of currently logged network user, that is logged in the Web browser.

In order to make this binding work properly, it is necessary to configure the panel (PmPanel object) to have the WebRead permission (to force the network user to login into the browser). It is also recommended check the Strict mode of network users login into the application requiring the use of both name and password configurator in the PmWeb object.

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