Name of user-defined graphic item

In this window, the file name is entered (with the extension .pmi). This file will be used for saving marked items. These items will then be available in the palette as a single user-defined item.

This configuration window can be opened as follows: Select the items that you want to add into the preconfiguration group as user-defined item. Click the item by the right mouse button and select the option "Marked items / Save marked items into preconfigurations".

The items that are saved this way will be available in the item palette in the "Preconfigurations in group "User items"" group.

Configuration items:
User-defined item nameThis name specifies the file name (with the extension .pmi) and will be saved in the /Pm/gpitems/ folder. This configurator must not contain an empty string.
Graphic item will be saved into fileThere is a full path to the created file for your information.
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