Panel editor settings

The window serves for setting the panel editor.

This configuration window can be opened in the panel editor in the "Tools / Panel editor settings" menu.

Configuration items:
Automatic item selectionIf checked, then the graphic item over which the mouse cursor is placed, is highlighted by a frame
Selecting and direct editing of compound items enabledIf checked, then it is possible to select and edit embedded graphic items (the same way the graphic items on the desktop are selected and edited). See (Editing compound items enabled) in the toolbar.
Edit marked items only by mouse clicking (else mouse doubleclick)If checked, then editing the graphic item can be called only by clicking the mouse
Show compile result only if error occuredIf checked, then dispays the compilation result only if an error occured (for compilation launched by on the toolbar). Othervise the compilation result is always displayed.
Application file folderThis configurator is for read only. It displays the location of PROMOTIC application.
Application resource file folderThis configurator is for read only. It displays the location of applicaton resources (images, videos, etc.)
User item file folderFolder for storing user graphic items. See How to save item among preconfigured items.
XML file editorPath to the program that is used for editing XML files
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