Preconfiguration "PmReport - With image inserted from application panel"

This preconfiguration can be activated when creating a new object (e.g. by "New object" in the local object menu or by pressing the Insert key after selecting the object) and is included in the group: " / Report (PmReport)".

This preconfiguration can be used with the objects: PmFolder or PmRoot.

Creates the PmFolder, PmSequencer and PmReport objects connected to the template file (RepWithImg.htm) (Source file of the report template configurator). In the onReportRequest event, there is a script example, that is used for replacing the keywords in the template file. See: Source file description of the PmReport object.
The graphic panel is not essential in this preconfiguration. It is used only as a demonstration, where the PmiButton calls the Preparation method. It opens the current panel (with parameters) and then delayed by the PmSequencer object via the PrintToBmp method, saves the screenshot into defined folder. The PrintToBmp method can also save a cropped view of the graphic panel (see example in comments). The second PmiButton uses the OpenView method and opens the PmReport, containing the screenshot.
If the application is only local then the image file Image.png is saved into the Resource folder in the application. If the preconfiguration is used for Web application then the PmWebDir object must exist and the folder that is offered to Web must also exist. The image will be saved into this folder that will be available for PmReport for both local and Web client.
The corresponding panel may also use the parameters while opening. See Parameters of graphic item. In the Preparation method there is a cfg parameter available for panel opening.
These configurators can be set before the preconfiguration is created:
The name of created objectName of the object created in the application object tree. This is a system name and must not contain diacritics, empty string, spaces and the first character must not be a number.

Default: "Report"

Path to application panelPath to application panel whose panel will be used in the report
Also for WebThe report will also be availabel for Web clients
Path to the PmWeb objectPath to the PmWeb object
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