PROMOTIC welcome screen

It is displayed as a first window after PROMOTICsystem launch. It contains three cathegories. Application launch, documentation links and PROMOTIC Web links.
New applicationCreates new PROMOTIC application
Open applicationOpens an existing PROMOTIC application
Demo applicationOpens the PROMOTIC demo application showing graphic and technological capabilities of the SCADA system
Examples in the applicationOpens application with example solutions of problems connected with real application design. Each example (panel) contains a "Help" button that opens the corresponding documentation section.
TutorialDisplays the PROMOTIC basic tutorial
DocumentationDisplays the complete PROMOTIC system documentation
NewsDisplays the PROMOTIC system news including the versions changelog
WWW Links:
www.promotic.euDisplays PROMOTIC Web pages in default browser.
Technical supportDisplays Web page with technical support contacts in default browser.
PROMOTIC ForumDispays the PROMOTIC Web forum in default browser.
Configuration items:
Show this window at startSpecifies whether the welcome screen is displayed at PROMOTIC system launch.
PROMOTIC 8.3.30 SCADA system documentation - MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.

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