PROMOTIC settings

Selected properties of the development and runtime environment of the PROMOTIC system are set in this window. This configuration window can be opened from the application editor in the menu option "Options > PROMOTIC settings".
Configuration items:
Application editorPROMOTIC system development environment properties settings
RuntimeSettings of selected properties of the PROMOTIC runtime environment.
LicenseCreating and editing a list of PROMOTIC license carriers for development and runtime. This list specifies the order of licenses to be searched and used when PROMOTIC is launching (development or runtime). If the list is empty, then the default license carrier hwkey (PROMOTIC HW Key) is used.
INFO systemINFO system settings in the development environment and in the runtime mode.
Script editorScript editor settings in the development environment.
Application backupsApplication automatic backup properties settings.
PROMOTIC 8.3.30 SCADA system documentation - MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.

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