Manager of configuration files

This window can be used to add, delete or edit content of XML and INI configuration files of the application (see XML and INI configuration files structure description for $.cfgfile macro expression). Each registered configuration file is provided with unique identifier (system name, NOT capital letters) that will be used as reference from application to the configuration file. Values in the configuration files are then accessible by macro expression $.cfgfile.

This configuration window can be opened:

- In the configuration window of the macro expression $.cfgfile.
- From the application editor in the menu option: "Options > Manager of configuration files".
Buttons - List of configuration files:
NewIt is used to for adding new configuration file to the application. If the defined path to file does not exist a window is displayed that can be used to create the file on the disc. If the registered file does not exist on the disc then its content cannot be edited. Such file is marked by red color in the list of configuration files.
EditAllows to change the identifier or path of defined configuration file.
DeleteAllws to delete selected configuration file from the application. If the button is pressed then a window is displayed showing warning that the file will be deleted from the disc.
SaveIt is used to save changes of the content of configuration file.
UpMoves selected configuration file in the list one position up.
DownMoves selected configuration file in the list one position down.
Buttons - Object editor:
AddIt is used to add new section or key to the current cursor position in the configuration file structure.
EditCan be used to change the identifier of selected section or identifier and value of selected key.
DeleteDeletes selected key or selected section including all its keys and subsections.
UpMoves selected section or key one position up.
DownMoves selected section or key one position down.
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