Tutorial - Example

Example is placed in the folder: /Pm/Examples/Tutorial.

This example is based on the THE PROMOTIC COURSEBOOK and the procedures described in the chapters First steps, Trends and Alarms. Additional technologies are also applied here:

In the active items of the panels the JavaScript scripting language is used (Scripting language settings).
Macro expression:
Macro expression $.par - allows to differentiate similar subobjects by bubbling to the parameter of superior object (Parameters of the PROMOTIC object)
Macro expression $.join - allows to merge texts, macros, constants into a desired output expression
The trended variables are added dynamically into the trends viewer in the onStart event of the graphic item
Common parent item PmAlarmEvent for individual object within one boiler room
Allows to divide the main frame of the PmWorkspace object into subframes.
The application is enabled for Web by the PmWeb object and the PmWebLang object is used for Web page localization.
PROMOTIC 8.3.30 SCADA system documentation - MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.

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