How to save Pmg object among preconfigured objects

The Pmg objects preconfigurations contains the most used Pmg object types. Although it may happen that the designer creates his own compound Pmg object that he wants to use multiple times, in different panels. In this case, it is advisable to add such object into the preconfigurations.

Select the Pmg objects that you want to add into the preconfiguration group as one object. Click the item with by the right mouse button and select the option "Selected Pmg objects / Save selected Pmg objects into preconfigurations".
In the Name of user-defined Pmg object window, enter the file name to be used for saving the new Pmg object.

After opening the "Pmg objects preconfigurations" window select the new gropup in Preconfigurations in group "User Pmg objects" in the left part of the window. The new compound Pmg object will be then available in this group.

The Pmg object saved in the preconfiguration is saved into the separate file that has the same name as the object with the extension pmg. Created *.pmg file is text XML file.
Saving into the preconfiguration is useful mainly if the designer creates the compound Pmg object that is to be used repeatedly (also in other projects).
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- How to save Pmg object among preconfigured objects
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