How to display help texts in running application

The following text describes how to display help texts in the runtime mode that are written in the following formats:
- File with the extension HLP. This is an obsolete but still used format in which the documentation is structured. The file contains multiple text documents that are identified by numbers. The HLP file can be created, for example, by the Microsoft Help program, etc.
- File with the extension CHM. This is a structured documentation. The file contains multiple HTML documents that are identified by paths. The CMH file can be created, for example, by the Microsoft HtmlHelp program , etc. The whole PROMOTIC SCADA system documentation (file PromoticEn.chm) is written in this format.
- File with the extension HTM. This is an HTML document consisting of a single page.
1) Global settings of the help file:

In the PmRoot object there is the Runtime helps path configurator. If you want to use only one CHM (HLP) file in the application, then it is advisable to enter the path to it here. For the PROMOTIC electronic documentation, the path, for example, C:\Pm\PromoticEn.chm would be entered here.

2) Configuration of help for specific panel:

In the PmPanel object there is the configurator PmPanel > Panel > Panel help topic. You can enter the identifier of the internal document here that is displayed if you press the key F1 in this panel (if it is active). The CHM file the path (in case of HLP, the number) to the internal document is entered here. For example, if you want to display the description of the PmData object in the PromoticEn.chm, then it would be the path: /Objects/Promotic/PmData/Desc.htm. (To make it work, you must set the configurator from step 1).

3) Opening the help by script:

You can open the specific help page by the Pm.ShowHelp method.

VBScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

'The case when the configurator from the step 1) does not have to be set
Pm.ShowHelp "\Pm\PromoticEn.chm", "/Objects/Promotic/PmData/Desc.htm"
'Case when the configurator from the step 1) must be set
Pm.ShowHelp "", "/Objects/Promotic/PmData/Desc.htm"
4) Opening the help by a script, another method:

The help can be also opened by the Pm.ShellExecute method. For example:

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Pm.ShellExecute "open", "PromoticEn.chm", "", "C:\Pm\", 3

It is possible to set how the help appears (maximized, normal, etc.), but the internal document cannot be entered. It is rather suitable for viewing one HTM document.

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