How to register ActiveX object

The ActiveX object is a software component created by an arbitrary producer in any programming language that can be used in every system which takes advantage of ActiveX objects. The ActiveX object has got either the invisible form or it is a visible component with the graphic user interface (graphic control element). The invisible objects can be used in the PROMOTIC by means of the PmActiveX object, while the visible ActiveX control elements can be used in graphic images in the PROMOTIC by means of the PmiAx graphic item. To use the ActiveX object on the computer in programs, it must be correctly registered in the operating system.

The ActiveX objects supplied with the PROMOTIC are registered automatically during the installation. If the ActiveX objects from other suppliers are used, then it is necessary to register them. The registration is made either by the installation program of the component (if it exists) or the ActiveX object must be registered manually by the utility regsvr32.exe.

The syntax of calling the register utility regsvr32.exe is as follows:
regsvr32.exe ActiveXFile

where ActiveXFile is the file name of the ActiveX object (including the extension OCX, DLL or EXE)

regsvr32.exe C:\Pm\PmTable.ocx
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