How to print in the PROMOTIC system

This chapter describes the printing features available in the PROMOTIC application. Examples of individual methods are included in method description.

Printing the open panel (or its part) to a printer or to the file


Printing the panel (or its part) o a printer or to the file. This method is not functional for Web panels.


Printing the whole screen to a printer or to a file


Print or display the preview of the HTML page or text. This is suitable for printing html pages (local or from url address), text files or images. It is also possible to pass a variable containing text or html string to this printing method. It can also be used (with minor limitation) on the Web client.


This method is in general designed for writing into file, but if "lpt1" is entered instead of file name, then the file is printed. See Example3.

PmPrinter.PrintLine (obsolete):

This is a PmPrinter object method that is used for printing a single line of text. Instead of this method it is better to use Pm.FileTextWrite method.

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