How to use PowerShell

Windows PowerShell is more advanced successor of the Command Line. It can be used for Windows system automation and configuration. It can also access the file system, registers, processes, services, network components or selected applications.

Before the first usage it is recommended to verify whether the PowerShell is activated in the OS Windows. If not then follow the steps below:
Control panels>Programs and functions>Activate or deactivate Windows system functions => "Windows PowerShell 2.0".

If the PowerShell is to be used for executing commands that require higher permissions then you need to run 32- or 64-bit PowerShell "as administrator" (based on the 32- or 64-bit PROMOTIC runtime type used) and execute the following command:
Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted
and confirm the option "A".
Runs the ping command and then netstat
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var oShell = Pm.AxGetObject("new", "WScript.Shell");
var sInvoke = "";
sInvoke = += "ping" + "\r\n";
sInvoke = += "netstat";
oShell.Run("PowerShell " + sInvoke, 1, false);

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- Running PowerShell commands from PROMOTIC application
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