Example of language runtime

Example is placed in the folder: /Pm/Examples/Others/Lang.

It is an example of creating language dependent application.

The example is designed both for local and Web application.

The language list used in the application is defined in the page PmRoot > Application. The language dependent texts are read accordingly to selected language from the text_applang.xml file. The xml file syntax and access to the texts is described in Macro expression $.text. The application language switching is accessed using the RtLang (How to create an application using different national languages) property.

The language switching for local application is solved in the PmPanel object, /Workspace/Toolbar where in the PmiButton the used languages are defined.

In the PmRoot object in Events page in the Object Start event the application runtime language selection is defined.

For enabling the application into the Web there si the PmWeb object located in the PmFolder object. There is another object created inside named PmWebLang acting as several Web addreses, each of them represents one language version. The PmWorkspace object is in the Web server page allowed into the application Web.
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