Installation instructions of the PROMOTIC system up to version 8.1.XX

Supported platforms: OS Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/Embedded/2003-16Server. See PROMOTIC system news.

The PROMOTIC system installation package contains all components stated in the pricelist. It is possible to use all components in the Demo/Freeware mode. In order to use all components for unlimited time in applications bigger than 30 variables it is necessary to purchase the corresponding licenses.

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Before the first download we highly recommend you to read the following instructions carefully.
Note: The version number of the PROMOTIC system:

The PROMOTIC system is continuously innovated by its authors. Every new version of the PROMOTIC system is marked by the number of Service Pack (this is important to know, for example, for later updates by newer versions, on technical questions, etc.). The versions of the PROMOTIC system are labeled as follows:

Promotic8.XX.YY - where "XX" is version number and "YY" is the number of Service Pack (e.g. "Promotic 9.0.1")


First installation of PROMOTIC SW

Installation of the PROMOTIC system from the internet pages proceeds generaly in 3 steps:
1) Download (of compressed file)
2) Extraction of compressed files
3) Launching the PROMOTIC installer
1. Download of files from WWW:

For the first installation of the PROMOTIC SW system, download the following files:

2-3. Extraction of compressed files and installation of the PROMOTIC system:

After downloading the file launch the file with the *.exe extension and enter the path in the window, e.g. C:/, where you want it to be extracted. On the disk that was set in the path, the PmInstall folder is created with the Promotic80113_InstallFull subfolder that represents the version of the installation itself. After that the installer of the PROMOTIC system is launched. Follow the instructions of the running installation. (The install program can be found in the folder ../../PmInstall/Promotic8XXYY_InstallFull/.)

Upgrade of the PROMOTIC SW to a new version

The upgrade procedure of PROMOTIC SW to a new version is made the same way as in the previous case (point 1). The install program recognizes that the previous version has already been installed on the computer and the upgrade is performed so that the previous version is uninstalled before the installation of a new one. If you want to work with multiple versions of the PROMOTIC system, then you keep the following instructions before installing a new PROMOTIC version: How to install and use more PROMOTIC versions on 1 computer.

The transition between PROMOTIC 6 or 7 to PROMOTIC 8

The PROMOTIC 8 installation will recognize, whether there is any previous PROMOTIC 6 or 7 version installed on the computer and offers these two options:
1) terminate the running installation, uninstall the previous version a re-launch the installation of the new version
2) or install the new PROMOTIC 8 into another installation folder (e.g. c:\Pm8). Running such installed system is described in How to install and use more PROMOTIC versions on 1 computer.

Remove the PROMOTIC 8

Select Add/Remove Programs from the menu option Start/Settings/Control Panel in OS Windows (this may differ by the OS version). From the list of installed programs select the item PROMOTIC8 and confirm it by the button. The installation program opens the window where you select and confirm the required option. During the uninstallation a box with a warning can appear (in exceptional cases) that some of ActiveX files cannot be removed from Windows registry. This warning appears if the folder of the original installation was deleted, renamed or the named file of ActiveX was deleted, moved, upgraded or registered in a different way than by means of the installation program. The warning can be cancelled without effecting the functionality of the operating system.

Possible installation problems

Problem with Windows Remote Desktop installation The installation of PROMOTIC HW Key driver is a part of the PROMOTIC installation process. Because the access to HW resources of the server is limited in this mode, the installation of this driver must be executed locally. See: PROMOTIC system and Windows remote desktop.

Web client installation

This installation package is needed to be installed only on the client computers, where the Web panels are to be displayed and only those that are designed only for MS Internet Explorer (i.e. PROMOTIC panels, that have the "Scripting language settings" configurator set to "vbscript (obsolete)"). It is not necessary to install this package for panels that are designed for other browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, InternetExplorer ..).

The contents of this support pack is the independent installation of graphic ActiveX items PmTable, TrendsView and PmAxTool1.dll support. It is desiged for computers where the PROMOTIC system is not installed, but that can access the PROMOTIC Web server containing the ActiveX items via the MS Internet Explorer.

Download the file, e.g. Promotic90001_WebClient.msi (Promotic801xx_InstallClient.exe) and launch it on the computer that has to be the Web client. This installation performs the installation of necessary ActiveX items on the Web client.

See: Configuration of the MS Internet Explorer.

Tips and recommendations

We recommend the following methods for beginners to familiarize with the PROMOTIC system:
- After installation of the PROMOTIC system, look up the chapter THE PROMOTIC COURSEBOOK in the on-line PROMOTIC documentation. In this chapter the basics of working with the PROMOTIC system are described.
- When creating Your application, use the examples that are included in the system installation (they can be found in the /Pm/Examples folder).
- When working with the system, use built-in on-line PROMOTIC documentation (the context help - can be opened by pressing the F1 key).
- For people that are interested we organize trainings and seminars.
- We would be pleased to answer all Your possible questions.
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