How to use a PROMOTIC application on two or more displays

The PROMOTIC application can use two or more displays simultaneously. The simplest solution is to open one application workspace on each display as a PmWorkspace object. If not defined differently, then the PROMOTIC system windows are displayed on the display with active PmWorkspace. However this way you can also open independent windows or another applications.

1) Necessary default settings and OS Windows behavior

First, it is necessary to achieve the following OS Windows multi display system behavior. There must be a graphic card present in the system, able to connect two independent displays. In the time of writing this manual (2010) both nVidia and AMD graphic cards and drivers were working right, including the integrated on-board graphic chips. The easiest procedure is to connect additional display into operational single display system. It is important not to do any modifications in the graphic card driver settings, not to swith on multi display/desktop support (nView, TwinView, cloning or virtual desktop). If necessary modify the settings only via the OS Windows settings window that is used for diplay resolution modification (accesible via the right mouse click over the OS Windows desktop). If the desktop is not displayed on the secondary display, then it is usually sufficient to reboot the PC or activate the display detection feature in driver. The secondary screen should display clean OS Windows desktop, with no icons and no taskbar. The secondary display is usually locaten on the right side (can be changed).

Caution!It is necessary to verify, that it is possible to use the mouse to move any non-maximized window to the secondary desktop (for example Windows Explorer). The window should also maximize correctly on the secondary desktop, (for example using the window maximize icon or window title bar mouse doubleclick). The general principle is, that any window is maximized on that screen where the larger portion of the window currently lies. If everything works as described above, then you can consider the OS Windows correctly configured.

2) PROMOTIC application settings

For each display, it is necessary to create the PmWorkspace object and configure them as application main window (See Main application window). In order to let the PmWorkspace object be displayed on the correct display, it is necessary to configure its default open position (See sOptions default value). For example if the primary display is placed on the left, with the resolution of 1920x1200 and the secondary is located on the right, then it is sufficient to define the horizontal position of the upper left window corner i.e. "left:1920px;". The window can be opened on the defined position either normaly or maximized (See Initial window state). The same principle can be used also for displaying an independent PmPanel window (See sOptions default value).

Caution! One PmPanel object cannot be opened multiple times simultaneously. Therefore it is necessary to be sure, that two PmWorkspace objects are not configured for displaying the same panel at application launch.

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