Example of communication with SAUTER Nova EY3600

Example is placed in the folder: /Pm/Examples/Commun/SauterNova3600. This is an example of usage of ActiveX driver for SAUTER Nova stations EY3600. Functiobal example must have this ActiveX driver installed, which is not part of the PROMOTIC installation. The driver can be obtained from the manufacturer or from MICROSYS, see Communication with SAUTER Nova PLC devices.
All needed objects and settings for this example are stored in the "SauterEY" object (of the PmFolder type). So it is possible to copy this object (and thus the whole example) into another application very easily. There are other subobjects in this object:
- The "SauterEY/Data" object (of the PmData type) contains variables DO1, DI1, Analog1, Counter1. These variables will be used for saving (or reading) the values comming from the communication, which is launched from the previously mentioned toolbar.
- The "SauterEY/PLC" object (of the PmActiveX type) is connected to the ActiveX driver, named EY36LIBX.EY36LibXCtrl.1 in the ProgID selection. In this object the algorhytms for onStart and onStop events are defined together with the events of the ActiveX element, in AxEvents page.
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