Example of communication by IEC 870-5-101 protocol

Example is placed in the folder: /Pm/Examples/Commun/IEC8705/IEC8705_101. The file IEC8705.pra is an example of using the PmIEC8705-101 communication driver (for serial link) in the PROMOTIC system. For simple understanding the example, the knowledge about the PROMOTIC objects PmComm and PmCommMsg is needed.
The example has one panel opened from PmWorkspace after application launch - it is set on the Frames page in the "main" frame edited in the Viewer of component configurator. There are buttons in the panel that launch the PmFolder methods via the onButtonUp event. All reports are stored by Debug method in the INFO system Debug_info item. A large amount of important information can also be found in COMM INFO item (statistics, the content of currently transmitted data, etc.) and also in the PmRoot INFO item.
All communication example is in Comm object (PmFolder type) and this consists from the subobjects:
- "/Comm/IEC8705": The object of the PmComm type has set the PmIEC8705 protocol. There are the following subobjects in this object:
- "MrConnect", "MrDataSend45", "SlConnect" .. : Objects of the PmCommMsg type that represent the concrete communication messages. In these objects the onEndOfTransfer event is filled. Here is the sample how to read the received data and how to check if the transfer was successful.
- "/Comm/ErrorTimer": PmTimer type object. This timer solves errors and interruptions of communication. It sets the variables in the ErrorData data object.
Additional important methods are Initialise and Transferred in the "Methods" page of the "/Comm" object, that are used for initialization (reinitialization) and the information about transmission end (for the ErrorTimer object).
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