Configuration of the MS Internet Explorer

The PROMOTIC system uses the MS Internet Exporer (further IE) for displaying and printing:
- dynamic HTML pages with panels generated automatically (see Web panels)
- preset HTML pages (e.g. pages with trends, alarms, the PmWebDir object, ..)
- for configuring the trends viewer (the TrendsView object)
- as a tool for the database administrator (PmDbAdmin), PROMOTIC documentation (PromoticXX.chm), XML communication and User description of objects.

Recommended procedure of Internet Explorer configuration for the Web client

Recommended procedure, that has been tested and is working on almost all OS Windows and IE combinations.
1) Launch the PROMOTIC Web application on the server (it can be, for example, the PROMOTIC demo).
2) Install the "Web client support" package on the client - see If the Web client is launched on the server, then skip this point.
3) Run the IE on the Web client: Run as administrator in IE (in OS Windows XP as user with administrator rights).
4) In IE go to "Tools/Internet Properties/ the Security page":
a) in the Trusted webs zone use the "Web" button for entering the url address of trusted web. There enter the PROMOTIC server address, for example and confirm this entry.
b) for the Internet zone enter "User level". Then use the slider or combo box to set the lowest security setting possible and confirm.
5) Enter the PROMOTIC server addres into the IE, for example (the port number is defined after the colon - if the default port 80 is to be used, then it does not need to be defined).
6) Select the panel that has the trend viewer with header (that one contains all three activeX items). The IE will promt you by a yellow slat on the upper side. Do the right mouse button click there and allow (3x) all the activeX items to be displayed in the browser.
7) Close the IE. Re-launch the IE (as administrator). Repeat step 3 and move the security slider or combo to original position.
8) Close IE. Re-launch IE (as regular user). Continue by steps 4. and 5. From this moment all activeX items should be displayed correctly.

If the Web client is running on the Web server, then the procedure is similar, bat in step 4 it is necessary to enter "User level" for the "Intranet" zone. And in step 5 enter the address or http://localhost:82.

The IE administrator mode is activated by the IE link (icon) while pressing the right mouse button and selecting Run as administrator from the context menu.

If the server computer name is entered into the IE address row, then the security settings of Internet options / Security / and "Local intranet" are used. If the TCP-IP address is entered, then the security setting of "Internet" are used.

Problems - recommended settings

Starting the active content from files: The IE cannot directly read and display files from disc. For example direct viewing of *.chm or *.htm files does not work.

In the IE settings it is necessary to "enable active scripting" and to "Allow active content run in files on My Computer". It is usually placed on the page "Internet Options/Advanced" or "Internet Options/Security".

Image flickering: When viewing the Web panel with bigger raster images (bmp, jpg, gif, png ..) flickering of this images can happen on dynamic changes (if the cursor moves over the image).

uncheck the setting "Internet Options / Advanced / Multimedia / Enable Image Toolbar" in the Internet Explorer.

The videos and animations are not displayed: In the IE browser, the PmiWAnimate graphic items are not displayed.

In the "Security settings" window set the item "Display on webpage not using external media player, video or animations" to enabled.

Antivirus programs on Web clients

The antivirus and antispyware programs use their modules (web protection, communication ...) to monitor the Web ant network communication on the client. It can affect and very often affects the fluency of the communication between the PROMOTIC Web server and the Web client browser.

Very often, these programs focus their activity to monitor the 80 port (or 8080 port). In this case it is handy to change the communicatioin port in the Port TCP/IP configurator and run the PROMOTIC Web application on a different port than the default 80.

If the network administrator does not allow the application to be operated on different port, then it is necessary to configure the antivirus software in order to use an exception for monitoring the server.

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