Example of (data) ProgressBox usage

The example is created from the Preconfiguration "Data progress box window" application objects preconfigurations.
- Example is placed in the folder: /Pm/Examples/AppExamples.
- This example is not functional as Web application.
- Located in the application tree: /Examples/PreCfg/Panel/Progress/ProgressBox
In the example, there are two Panel and ProgressBox (PmPanel) objects, one Timer (PmTimer) and one Data (PmData) object.
The initiation is called from the Start button of the Panel by calling the Start method of the ProgressBox panel. The progress is displayed by repeated calling of the Step method, that receives the information about the current state (transferred data) by a parameter. The panel is closed automatically as soon as the Step method parameter reaches the value defined in the nMaxSteps variable. If the nMaxSteps variable is set to -1 (infinite), then the panel is not closed automatically and must be closed manually.
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