Example of graphic item parameters

It is the item parameter usage example.

The example shows usage of complex graphic item with defined parameter.

The immersed items have data bindings to data or paths to objects created, using the parameter of their parent.

This way it can be achieved, that copying the complex item and changing the parent parameter value will connect the item to different data in the object tree. See: Parameters of graphic item

In reality this procedure is handy if we need to display multiple similar technologies in one panel with the same data structure.

- Example is placed in the folder: /Pm/Examples/AppExamples.
- This example is functional also as Web application.
- Located in the application tree: /Examples/Others/ParamItems
The example contains two panels: BoilRoom and Boiler (PmPanel).

The BoilRoom panel contains three complex PmiPanel graphic items. These items contain similar graphic contents. The main difference is the value of nB;1, nB;2 and nB;3 parameters representing boilers 1-3 in the boiler room. These boilers use data emulated in PmData object (/Common/DataBoil). The corresponding immersed graphic items connected to this data use the parameter value of the superior item nB in order to connect to the corresponding data. This solution is very handy if there is a need to repeatedly vizualize similar technology connected to similar data structure. Then it is sufficient to create only one compound graphic item with a parameter. This item is then copied and then the value of the parameter is modified.

The Boiler panel contains the nBoiler parameter in order to, vizualize similar technology in a single panel. It means that the Panel Boiler button of the BoilRoom panel, there is a script containing the OpenView method. This method opens the panel and provides the corresponding value of the nBoiler parameter (1-3). The panel itself contains items that use the parameter value in order to set up the path and connect to the corresponding data.

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