Example - Rendering active points on map surface with links to PROMOTIC Web panels by means of GoogleMaps services

This is an example of the application that uses html page to display map base with active points containing links to application panels.
Example is designed for both local and Web functionality.
In order to have this application fully functional the computer running it must be connected to the Internet.

The page GoogleMaps.html is located in the "web" folder. The content of this html page is designed in order to use the API inteface of GoogleMaps service for displaying map base. Then there can be active points placed on the map surface including their description and a link to defined URL address. see Google Maps API documentation for active "Markers" design.
By editing the content of this page it is possible to modify the default setting of map center(center:), its initial zoom (zoom:) or map type (mapTypeId:)
Then there are 4 active markers (points), that have defined position (position:), label (label:) and links to application Web panels called by click events
The first three markers open the same page (panelcity) to which they pass their value in the city parameter. This panel is configured in order to be able to use this parameter in its content.
The fourth marker opens an independent panel promotic.

There is the PmaWeb object included in the application in order to make it available in Web. In this object there is a PmaWebDir object that enables the web folder to the application Web. This folder contains the GoogleMaps.html file. The PmaWorkspace object is enabled to the application Web on the "Web server" tab. Setting of default page after starting the application is defined in configurators Viewer of component and Params default value

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