ActiveX PmTable object example

The example for usage of the ActiveX item PmTable.
- Example is placed in the folder: /Pm/Examples/AppExamples.
- This example is not functional as Web application.
- Located in the application tree: /Examples/ActiveX/Table
The panel layout is separated into left and right part. In the right part, a table is displayed and configured via the Properties. In the onStart event, the TableDbInit panel method is called and a parameter is used for transfering the table object. The table is filled with data by the FillFromInfo method. The method obtains the data array by the GetInfo method of the Db object.
The left part contains two tables. Each of them uses the onStart event to call its panel method. The method then sets the final layout and descriptive texts. In the Timer object, the access to two tables is initialized periodically and the data is then sent for processing to the TableRefreshData method. In the TableRefreshData method, all dynamic modifications of the data obtained from the database are executed periodically. The data is then compared with the constants saved in the Data (PmData) object and the corresponding calculations are executed.
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