Macro expression $vb

This macro expression represents the result of the specified VBScript expression evaluation.

Also the pMe parameter (that contains the reference to a PROMOTIC object or a graphic item where the expression is used) can be used in this expression. This allows to initialize an property, for example, by the value containing the name of a PROMOTIC object, etc.

This type of macro expression is considered obsolete, it is not functional for some new configurators. The Macro expression $.expr can be used instead.


where xx is any VBScript expression.

1) $vb:"Temperature_" & pMe.Name

- If the name of the object is Water (that is referenced by the pMe parameter), then the result is a text "Temperature_Water".

2) $vb:Pm.IniFileRead("BoilerPlant.ini","Temperature","Water", 60, vbDouble)

- If there is the key Water=70 in the section Temperature in the BoilerPlant.ini file (in the application folder), then the result is a value 70 of Double type (See method: Pm.IniFileRead).

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