Macro expression $.par

This macro expression represents:
1) A reference to PROMOTIC object parameter or
2) A reference to graphic item parameter


- xx = the name of the PROMOTIC object or graphic item parameter.

Obsolete syntax of macro expression: $par:xx

Evaluation of this macro is in the cascade way (bubbling), i.e. the parameter is primarily searched in the object or graphic item, in which the macro expression is used. If it is not found, then it is searched in parents of the object or graphic item (in objects or graphic items where the object or graphic item is immersed), and finally it is searched in the PmRoot or PmiRoot object.
This macro expression can be used:
- in the PROMOTIC object configurators, e.g. in the Panel title configurator, etc.

Its use is in fact necessary in case of the prototype/instance concept (the PmPrototype and PmInstance objects, where parameters provide the difference of each instance.

- in configurators of graphic items, e.g. in text configurator of PmiText, PmiButton items.
Note: The parameter can also be detected in script by using the PmObject.GetPar or PmiItem.GetPar method.
The relation between PROMOTIC objects and the graphic items:

It is important that it is possible to deliver the PROMOTIC object parameter into the panel as a graphic item parameter. The basic principle is that the PROMOTIC object parameter cannot get inside the panel autoamtically (the graphic item cannot directly "see" the parameter defined outside the panel). It is necessary to create the corresponding parameter in the PmiRoot graphic item and set it to the value of the PROMOTIC object parameter when opening the panel. This can be done:

- by sParams parameter of OpenView method or
- by macro expression in the panel configurator sParams default value.

If nmb is parameter of PmiRoot graphic item and if the panel was opened for example by method OpenView("/panel", "", "par:nmb=2") and if the boil text identifier marks the "Boiler" national text, then the complete macro gives the result: "Boiler2".

Configuration items in extended value editor:
ParameterSpecifies parameter name
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